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Knowing where to sell silver coins in Singapore at high price is important to get the best value for your silver physical holding. If you are looking to sell silver bars or sell silver coins in Singapore, by selling to Pawnshop or Goldsmith shop, you might be getting at a very low rate or they don't even accept buy back of your silver items you like to liquidate., division of Silver Gold Singapore LLP as a manufacturer, we constantly require silver for production to manufacture into finished silver products. We can offer you the highest price for your silver items and we can either use it for production or sell to interested buyers at a very good value, thus creating a win-win situation for both sellers and buyers.

We buy back pure silver items for example, pure silver coins and pure silver bars.

Our professional valuation officers will assist you to valuate your silver items and determine the best rate of each piece of silver items you want to sell. You may request for a non obligation quote for your silver items you like to valuate.

You may find out the updated Gold Price in Singapore and Silver Price in Singapore with us.

You may watsapp your silver items to us at (65) 9781 8351 and we will valuate your silver items and provide you with the quote. Once you confirm the quote, you may arrange appointment with us to drop by to your place and collect your silver items free of charge.

If you are a interested silver buyers who are interested to purchase silver items at good value, you may also request a non-obligation quote with us at (65) 9781 8351.

Sell Gold and Silver in Singapore for Instant Cash. We buy gold kilo bars, gold bars, gold coins, scrap gold jewelry and pure silver at highest gold and silver prices.
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