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How you sell silver can depend on what types of physical silver you have.

You might not want to sell all of your physical silver so if you have bullion in the form of coins and bullion bars, these are easy to sell. You can sell them all or even just a portion of your total silver holding this way. We are willing to buy physical silver in any form. Generally you will get from us at High Price! We get a good deal when the price of silver moves up quickly. Timing is everything here.

Silver coins are easier to sell than the larger silver bars. Basically people do not have to pay so much money for coins. A ten ounce bar is a lot of money for many people and comes under the category of big ticket items. We accept large bullion bars too.

Of course, the price you get for selling your silver is dependent on the prevailing silver price at that time.

If you're selling silver coins or selling silver bars, dealing with us is the best option. You may sell your physical silver in any form to us and get the highest value of your silver.

Sell Gold and Silver in Singapore for Instant Cash. We buy gold kilo bars, gold bars, gold coins, scrap gold jewelry and pure silver at highest gold and silver prices.
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