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Knowing where to sell gold jewellery in Singapore at high price is important to get the best value for your gold physical holding. If you are looking to sell gold bars, sell gold coins, sell scrap gold or sell gold jewellery in Singapore, by selling to Pawnshop or Goldsmith shop, you might be getting at a very low rate and end up not getting the best value for your gold items you like to liquidate.

"We buy 18K gold jewellery, 916 gold jewellery and 999 gold jewellery too!"

Read full article here: Selling Gold Jewellery in Singapore at Best Price, is now a division of Gold Price Singapore Pte Ltd. We constantly require gold for production to manufacture into finished gold products. We can offer you the highest price for your gold items and we can either use it for production or sell to interested buyers at a very good value, thus creating a win-win situation for both sellers and buyers.

We buy back all kinds of gold items for example, gold bars, gold coins, 916 gold jewellery and scrap gold. We even buy back broken gold which break into pieces.

Our professional valuation officers will assist you to valuate your gold items and determine the best rate of each piece of gold items you want to sell. You may request for a non obligation quote for your gold items you like to valuate.

You may find out the updated Gold Price in Singapore and Silver Price in Singapore with us.

You may WhatsApp your gold items to us at (65) 9781 8351 and we will valuate your gold items and provide you with the quote. Once you confirm the quote, you may arrange appointment with us to drop by to your place and collect your gold items free of charge.

If you are a interested gold buyers who are interested to purchase gold items at good value, you may also request a non-obligation quote with us at (65) 9781 8351.


Knowing the types of gold used to make gold jewelry are important to us. Our valuation officers are very experience in accessing all types of gold items, thus we are capable of providing you with the best value of your gold jewelry!

Do you know there are more than one type of gold your gold jewellery is made of? There are many type of gold jewellery with different alloy made by mixing gold and different metals together.

Below are the different types of gold and how they are created:


Yellow gold is the most common gold used in gold jewellery. Although yellow is a natural color of gold, yellow gold is not the same as pure or fine gold. Yellow gold is very soft, thus not suitable for making gold jewelry unless it is mixd with other metals to harden it.

Yellow gold jewelry you can commonly see in the market have different purity grading depending on how much actual gold it contain measured by karat. The lower the percentage of gold content, the lower the karat number.

In general, lower karat gold jewelry colour is less intense than the higher karat one. Low karat gold jewelry are harder and more durable than gold jewelry which are more pure.


Yellow is gold original color, any alloy of this metal that have different hue is colored gold. The color of gold alloy will depend on the other metals that are mixed to it.

Below are the most common types of colored gold:


This is the most popular gold alloy used in jewellery market. To achieve white color, the gold is mixed with palladium or nickel to make it white in color. By just adding white metals is not enough to achieve a perfect white color, still the white gold will look abit yellowish, to achieve perfect white color, it is plated with rhodium, which will result to give the white gold jewelry its color and luster.


Rose gold is a mixture of copper that is mixed in the alloy. The more copper it contain, the more intense the rose color becomes. High-copper rose gold alloys have intense reddish hue to it and therefore known as red gold. Rose gold that contain less copper will have faint color, also known as pink gold.


Gold can achieve its black color by using several methods. One method is simply cover the surface with black rhodium. Another method is to treat the surface of the gold with certain chemical to changes its color. It is also possible to change the color of a gold alloy containing cobalt, copper, titanium or iron by causing its surface to oxidize using heat.


It can be achieved by mixing gold with silver (or more rarely, cadmium). The green color is usually not very intense, most of the green gold looks more like yellow gold with a greenish hue.


Grey gold can be achieved by mixing gold with copper, silver and manganese.


Purple gold can be achieved by adding aluminum and pure gold together, result to purple gold. It is not very durable and can break easily because the compound is relatively brittle.


Blue gold can be achieved by mixing indium with pure gold. Similar to purple gold, the reult of blue gold compound tends to be brittle. An alternative way to make blue gold is mix gold with iron or rhodium and treat the alloy with heat so that the mixture oxidizes and results to a blue layer.

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